What is Laser Season, anyways?

FebruarY 1, 2021

If you are just beginning your journey to skin health, you will find that the medical aesthetic treatments available are plentiful. You may be unsure of whether or not to start your journey with medical-grade skincare, laser, chemical peels, microneedling, Botox or filler.  But did you know that you should time your treatments appropriately? 

Maybe you have seen posts on social media that talk about laser season.  If not, that's okay!    You can schedule your laser appointment at any time but we consider laser season to run October-April.  Let us explain!

Cosmetic laser treatments are capable of transforming your skin.  These non-surgical treatments are amazing for rejuvenating your skin with minimal downtime.  Depending on your concern(s), our aesthetic professionals will customize a treatment to fit your needs and lifestyle.

During a laser procedure, your skin and underlying tissues are heated by the laser.  This controlled thermal energy causes the stimulation of fibroblasts, which are the cells in which collagen formation begins.  More collagen means tighter, more firm skin.  Brown and red pigment as well as small facial vessels can also be reduced greatly by laser treatments.  Not to mention the post-laser glow is out-of-this-world!

Although there is down-time associated with some laser treatments, and some treatments will require a series of two or more, the results will be worth it!  Results will be maintained best by using medical grade skincare before and after the procedure.  We will help direct you on how to best care for your skin!

There are multiple reasons why you want to laser in the winter but most importantly, it is recommended that you limit sun exposure before and after most laser treatments.  Doing so will help you to achieve your very best results. 

When we say MOST laser treatments are best in the winter, this does not include Lasergenesis.   Lasergenesis is a fabulous treatment that can be done year-round up to twice per week!  (Ask us about our discounted Lasergenesis packages!)

Just remember, if you are overwhelmed on where to begin your skin-health journey, we are here to help!  You can call or text us at 833-336-6861 to schedule your complimentary consult with one of our skilled aesthetic professionals!

Cara Wicker RN, BSN

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