De Novo Aesthetics provides medical procedures and prescription products, so physician approval is required prior to treatment. Before you're treated we will need some basic information and a brief medical history specific to the services we offer. Through technology and telemedicine, our Medical Directors supervise all procedures.

Once approved, you will become a De Novo Aesthetics patient. Future appointments can be made by clicking on the Established Patient Scheduler. Please note, your appointment is not finalized until it's confirmed by staff.

When treating in your home

Security measures are in place for your safety and that of our nurses. You can see a picture of your nurse on our website so you'll know who is coming to your door. We will confirm your address, and when our nurse travels to your location she will be tracked by GPS in real time by a De Novo Aesthetics representative.

In our locations

The passages in and out are tracked by security cameras. Our administrative staff is aware of all appointments and the nurses have instant access to an alarm. Blinds are closed to ensure privacy. 

Mitigated risk

De Novo Aesthetics nurses carry no cash – all payment must be by credit card. Records from your appointment, including medical data and photos, are stored securely in strict compliance with HIPAA regulation.

Botox Express With Botox Express service, Certified Botox Injection Specialists™ provide treatments quickly through De Novo Aesthetics in your home, in a medical office setting at one of our locations in Salon Lofts in Davidson or Charlotte, or at M.D. Laser Studio in Mooresville, NC.

If you would like to be treated on-site at M.D. Laser Studio and you have never been treated at De Novo or the Laser Studio, please click the "BXP @ M.D. Laser Studio" button below.


BXP @ M.D. Laser Studio