There are several ways to collaborate with us: through personal events in your home, through events at your business or organization, or through strategic alliances.

If you'd like, we can do a short presentation about Botox, do a demonstration, and/or just treat your guests. We'd be happy to donate up to 12 units of Botox to use as a raffle or to treat you or one of your guests as part of a demonstration. We can give you an outline of what to say to guests in your invitation. If you choose to use social media, we can help promote your event by liking statuses and interacting with responses.

We bring our own equipment and just need a chair and a flat surface on which to set up. Outside of any demonstrations, when more than 4 people want to get Botox we typically schedule clients at intervals and request a private area to do the injections.

Let us know if you're interested in planning an event together or if you'd like to explore a strategic alliance! You can call or text us at 833.DENOVO1 ~ 833.336.6861, or via email at